What's In It For Your Organization?

Announcements, Forums, Surveys
Communicate easily and efficiently with all the members of your organization.

Any member of an organization can post announcements for everyone in the organization to read.

Announcements can include related files for the members to download.

External links may be provided as well if relevant to the announcement.


Any member of an organization can start a forum on which everyone else in the organization can participate.

Unlike the typical chat group messages, a forum is centered on a subject or topic, and is way easier to search or go back to at any time.


Finding out the preference of the majority on an issue is a very common task for an organization. A survey best serves this requirement. Each response to a survey can be signed or anonymously submitted.

Event Planning
Plan your events with budget and resources.
Event Details

Set up the essential details like the planned date, time and the venue. You can set the event as public, open to all members, or by invitation only.

Guests Registry

As the event organizer, you can require RSVP via this portal. Invited guests can be sent emails as well through which they can confirm their attendance to the event.

Budget and Resources Management

You can itemize the resources that will be needed for the event. The budget and the eventual cost corresponding to each resource can be recorded as well for easy accounting.

Management of Finances
If your organization is involved in selling products and/or services, then this simplified management tool may provide you with basic financial management.

You can set up your sources of revenues, whether they are products or services. Then you can record the transactions involving your collections for the sale of these products or services. Summary reports become available on demand.


You can set up your items of expenses, supplies, utilities, perhaps external services. Then you can record the transactions involving your payments for these items. Summary reports become available on demand.

Management of Dues

Most organizations will require regular dues to be paid by each member. This module allows you to set up and record the collection of membership fees, for example, per member. You set up the due dates, the members see their dues, they upload proof of their payment, you validate - all online and without the need for personal interaction.